‘intellectual blitzkrieg’

I saw a great term today… ‘intellectual blitzkrieg’

It was used to describe the University Challenge winner Gail Trimble. The term just conjures up some great imagery. Dropping ‘bombs’ would be a term more commonly used for a rapper or something. The idea of her firing out answer after answer like missiles to destroy an opponent is a fantastic thought. Less fantastic is the thought of seeing her naked as she revealed that she had been approached by a lads’ mag to take part in a “tasteful photoshoot”.

I just fail to see how that could be of any interest to anyone .  Having said that, people seem to find stories about Jade Goody dying interesting so what do I know. God, I’ve had enough of the whole Jade Goody thing . I empathise with her wanting to give her children the best possible opportunity but the whole affair is incredibly unedifying. Somehow things always seem this way when Max Clifford is involved. The way that this guy leeches on to the dregs of society makes me feel physically sick. Perhaps far more worrying is that Daily Mail reading  Middle England can’t get enough of it…

One thought on “‘intellectual blitzkrieg’

  1. Jacob says:

    I came up with the phrase (see my account here: lystellion.livejournal.com), and have been quietly tracking its flourishing on the internet. About three-quarters of earlier articles about Trimble et al. made use of it, that reduced to about half after the simpler (and far less descriptively accurate) ‘human google’ became the choice epithet. It eventually got attributed to Jeremy Paxman on the BBC website, which was soon corrected, but this lead to a lot of sources, including newspapers, copying-and-pasting it as his remark in their own accounts.

    I’m interested in Dawkins’ ‘meme’ theory, and it’s been fascinating seeing this meme grow, mutate with a misattribution, and eventually be competed against by an alternative phrase.

    I’m very glad you like the phrase. When I hit upon it, I wanted to give a sense of the fact that you are beaten back by a relentless tide of ultrafast answers, and that is happily exactly the effect it had on you as a reader. I originally used it to describe the whole team, but it fits their captain just as well. The full phrase, which was again intended for the whole team, was ‘relentless juggernaut of intellectual Blitzkrieg’.

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