Stable Vs Spectacular (Failure?)

I’m caught in 2 minds today and I just don’t know which way to go…

Is it more important to lead with the head or the heart? Although my natural demeanour tends to be more risk driven-  there is a part of me that always manages to pull it back at the end. The end result is that my life has stability: I have a mortgage on a nice flat, I have a secure(ish) job with a reasonable salary and I have an altogether nice life. It’s nice but it’s not spectatcular. I make a difference (hopefully) to those close to me and my family etc…but this is a realtively close group. I don’t affect a huge amount of people.

I’d quite like to make more of an impact. I think I’ve got some quite big ideas and thoughts that I would like to tell people about…but at the last minute i’m afraid of taking that final step off the precipice…taking the leap of faith so to speak. I guess that’s the dilemma – when you try and jump across a canyon – you can either make it to the promised land or end up splattered all over the rocks at the bottom. I’m trying to work out in my mind whether its better to try something and risk total failure (or achieve total success) or settle for unspectacular stability…

God, I hate the idea of settling…and I also hate the fear of failure

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One thought on “Stable Vs Spectacular (Failure?)

  1. A very tough call this one, mate. Touches on humans as animals and on capitalism too.

    We’ve been programmed into believing that having a secure job, earning decent money and owning ‘stuff’ is what we should all aspire to do. It’s each to their own of course.

    I’m in the same situation as you at the moment. Do I do stuff I’ve never done before and completely turn my life on its head, or do I stick to the stuff I’ve sort of always done? It’s very difficult to know which to do because of the unknowns, but I’m starting to get the feeling more and more that if I don’t make a big decision at some point then I’ll regret it later.

    It’s so easy to be drawn into the small parts of life. What we need to do sometimes is go back to basics. We’re humans. The world is big. Live is only once.

    Well, I say that but then I’m bottling making the decision myself…

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