Jumping on the bandwagon…

Today is the first day in my new job. I’ve joined a relatively small agency with big plans. It’s quite different from Engine towers and there’ll be no skinny cappuccinos and yoghurt coated cranberries from the cafeteria, but right from the off there is a positive atmosphere in the office and you can tell people are passionate about what they do – which is why I am here…First days are always a bit weird, but everyone seems really nice and have been welcoming.


A couple of things have come to mind today – both of which are on the theme of ‘bandwagon jumping’. The first is the subject of paid for advertising and when it has a positive effect and when it has a negative effect and the second is ‘Innocent’ style colloquial chat.


So, on the subject of paid for advertising, I ‘googled’ my new agencies name and up came another agencies name as a Google sponsored link. Now, this struck me as being more detrimental than positive. There are certain products and services where being top of a search list is beneficial – plumbers, car dealerships, cleaners etc. Creative agencies are not one of those. I would be amazed if an agency has gained a client after receiving a call from someone saying ‘I ‘googled’ advertising agency in London and thought you might be able to help me’. As such, it seems a cynical attempt to jump on the bandwagon of another person’s success. I’ve seen it before with popular blogs and I can see absolutely no benefit to those in question. It just struck me as a complete waste of money…


The second thought that has come to mind is the use of irreverent colloquial chatter on agency and brand websites. I worked at iris and I think that they still get this right – as there is still an intelligent humour about the copy. It is short, succinct and fun. I looked at some others sites though and found some real flannel. I guess it’s the ‘Innocent’ effect. Their tone and style was novel at the time and directly reflects their product and their beliefs. They think in this way as opposed to agencies and brands who have tried to replicate their tone and jump on the populist bandwagon… I read of an example where Barclays Bank had a sign saying ‘I love it when you touch my buttons’ next to their cash dispenser. NO! What does colloquial banter have to do with the brand image of Barclays? I want my bank to be smart, polite and knowledgeable providing me with the best possible rates and services. I don’t want them to be my best mate. In short – brands and agencies need to stay true to their beliefs and not jump on bandwagons if they want to ensure longevity in this business.


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