Nostalgia – Mixtapes and Football Programmes

I found this great image on PSFK in a piece talking about how how people tend to assign and associate memories, emotion, meaning and significance to physical objects; and how this is fading with our increased reliance on all things digital…

It really struck a chord. I remember making mixtapes for friends, spending hours hitting pause between each track and cueing up the next CD before painstakingly writing out the track listing. Burning a mix CD on iTunes may be a hell of a lot easier but it’s a hell of a lot less satisfying…

Likewise, some of my prized possessions are my Arsenal programmes from when I started going nearly 20 years ago. I still buy them for nostalgic reasons but in days gone by – these were the only resource for information about tickets etc. Now, everything is online and as such – people buy them far less often. The pleasure of being able to look back in ten. twenty or thirty years and recalling a moment just won’t be available to this generation of fans in the same way…

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