Daily Archives: June 15, 2009

Improv Everywhere

I’m a big fan of Improv Everywhere. Essentially they describe themselves as a ‘long form improvisation troupe which executes pre-planned ‘missions’ which usually involve socially awkward or unusual situations. They’ve been a rich area of inspiration for ad agencies (just check out the T-mobile rip off of their station flashmob!), and always provide entertainment. Check out their ‘no pants subway journey’ and their latest ‘pop-up wedding’!

Sony Ericsson – Pitch Black Gig

Tonight I went to the first ever gig to take place in the pitch black. It featured the ‘Friendly Fires’ and was arranged by my old agency iris for Sony Ericsson.

It was a great event to attend and everyone there seemed to enjoy being a part of it. I’ve been thinking about whether it actually works on the cycle ride home and am still undecided. It’s a great insight – the idea that taking away the sense of sight enhances our other senses and the thought that this could make the music resonate ever deeper with the audience.

On the other hand, the lack of sight makes this a very one way experience. Great events become great events because of the interaction or relationship between the performer(s) on stage and the the audience. A great event is very much a participatory experience whereby energy flows almost in a continuing circle between the two.

One question I asked myself is what the reaction would be if the lights were to come on in a huge crescendo and the band were to be revealed. My thoughts were that everyone would have gone absolutely berserk. the darkness almost built up the atmosphere and made people want to be able to visually see what was happening. In the end, the lights were slowly dimmed so the crowd could make out the band. Maybe the better option would have been a rousing finale with everyone on their feet in the midst of a light and sound overload.

All in all though, another great initiative from the iris and SE guys who always hit the spot with their music initiatives…