Sicilian Adventures – Day 3

We’ve managed to achieve a compromise between culture and relaxation today. It is quite tempting sometimes, particularly when lying in the sun, to stay there for the day…fortunately we managed to fight these urges and have today visited two churches, enjoy a lovely meal and still manage to enjoy the best sun of the day.

We left Palermo early for the pictureque town of Monreale to visit ‘the Duomo’, an amazing church where the interior is created totally out of small mosaic tiles. This task must have been a dedication to god in itself! The town is amazing though. Postcard perfect in fact with small cafes surrounding a beautiful square. The scenery throughout the whole of Sicily is stunning. All the towns are framed by enormous mountains, the land is lush and green and the sea glistens a bright turqoise colour.

From Monreale, we headed to the town of Cefalu. Cefalu has another ‘Duomo’-again created from small mosaic tiles but 40 years after the one in Monreale. This building was created by Fred 11 who always makes us laugh…the first ruler in European history we have come across called ‘Fred’.

It is tiring driving so much but worthwhile and after returning to Palermo, we eat at a restaurant called ‘Scudderia’ which is at the Palermo football ground. It really is like something out of goodfellas. After we had eaten, the long haired very italian chef came out to check we were satisfied with food. He then said he had moved from peckham rye 2 weeks previously! Some things you never escape…

Our new hotel is located near an area called ‘little amsterdam’- a square where all the young people congregate, eat food, drink and sing. This was the real Palermo. It was great. Palermo is not the most overtly friendly of places but one thing it has is soul and I will be sad to leave it. Not the prettiest city, it has character in bucketloads…

Agrigento, here we come…


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