Monthly Archives: March 2011

Pick of the week

The Visa spot we’ve worked on so hard is Campaign’s ‘Pick of the week’. Always Nice.

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Nike Destroyer

I wouldn’t have mind munching on one of these> Nike just keep on doing it with cool stunts that get their products into the hands of the right people…

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Human Beinz

Loving this track. Heard it on the Nike ‘throwdown’ ad…

Impossible is nothing

Here is a video that we watched in our account management meeting this morning. It’s screening was designed in part to get us to remember the mantra engraved on the the steps of our Charlotte Street office and live by them everyday. ‘Nothing is impossible’.

There’s lots written about the future of account management – Our focus is firmly on the fact that the role of ‘maintenance facilitator’ is dying out…but the role of ‘leaders’ isn’t…

Our new Visa ad

Here is the new Visa ad that we;ve been working so hard on at Saatchi’s. There is plenty more to come and I’ll share some of the digital elements as they go live over the forthcoming days and weeks.

The athletes featured are going to be some of the most well known faces in just over a year and the preparation for London 2012 now feels fully underway…

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