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Breakbot watercolour video

Amazing video (and great track)

Composed of approx 2000 images watercolor painted one after another…

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Crack Cake

saw this cake in Lantana earlier. looked yummy and definitely more-ish…

guaranteed to make you lose all your teeth. without necessarily the same highs. and lows.

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100% Recycled

Reflecting its Better World Campaign’s core belief in sustainable practices, Nike’s latest commercial is made from archived footage. Such an obvious and simple idea. That no-one else has done. Again.

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Nike Destroyer

I wouldn’t have mind munching on one of these> Nike just keep on doing it with cool stunts that get their products into the hands of the right people…

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Big Bang Big Boom

Amazing wall painted animation on how we all got to this point. Epic.


The Trillion Dollar Flyer

The Trillion Dollar Flyer, by TBWA Hunt Lascaris in Johnannesburg for The Zimbabwean newspaper, scooped the graphic design category at the D&AD Awards. I thought this was a really neat idea…

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Google Job Experiment

I liked this. Upstream thinking on going about getting a job that cost $6…

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