More detailed collaborative thoughts

Sometimes, it’s nice to think about stuff a little bit more deeply…

This is the area where I am going to start pulling together some thoughts in a more detailed format, hopefully getting other peoples thoughts as well so together we can develop something collaboratively that can be of interest to people…

Somewhere, amidst the clutter has emerged a plan. A three staged piece that starts with looking at the importance of introductions, a second stage that looks at meeting or interacting for the first time and finally a third piece that looks at the importance of maintaining good will… The aim is to draw synergy between what is important in human relationships and look at how brands can learn from them…

 So, the practice of introducing yourself.  Like so many practices, the formal has moved to the colloquial and the end result has become more important than the process of getting there. However, there is a common agreement about some stages of this process:

  1. Look people straight in the eyes
  2. Smile
  3. A firm handshake
  4. Say your name and immediately ask for theirs – then repeat their name while saying – “it’s a pleasure to meet you John” or “nice to meet you Jane” – repeating the person’s name will help you remember their name and again, will also show you care.
  5. Have a Great Conversation.
  6. Tell a little bit of your background in order to start your conversation.

So, how can a brand take the stepping stones of a successful human introduction and make their own introduction a successful one.

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