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Scotland v Ireland @ Murrayfield

It’s been a busy few days up here in Bonnie Scotland. I’ve been working up here for The Famous Grouse around their sponsorship of the rugby again. The event we put on went really well, and some of the ambient stuff that we did around the area looked really cool. I’ve said it before but sometimes the stuff that people really remember is the small stuff that has  a great thought behind it. For example, we created branded crash pads like the ones that you might see on a try post – for all the lamposts on the route from Edinburgh town centre to the ground:

Lamp post crash pads

Lamp post crash pads

Things threatened to not go so well at 07:00 when we had a call from the polic saying that all our whisky had been stolen. Fortunately, a few trips to the cash n carry and 17 cases later, we were back on track. The day was a roaring (or should that be raucous success). Kilter provided the soundtrack with modern ceilidh music and whisky cocktails with ginger beer and Appletise got everyone in the spirit for the rugby game…

It was a tight game but Ireland won in the end. Its now a battle to avoid the wooden spoon for Scotland.

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