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100% Recycled

Reflecting its Better World Campaign’s core belief in sustainable practices, Nike’s latest commercial is made from archived footage. Such an obvious and simple idea. That no-one else has done. Again.

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Nike Destroyer

I wouldn’t have mind munching on one of these> Nike just keep on doing it with cool stunts that get their products into the hands of the right people…

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I’m working with a guy on a brief who used to be the advertising manager at Nike. I was talking to him about some of the ads that he has worked on and it left me reminiscing about my favourite Nike ad – Parklife. I loved this ad because it had ian Wright who was an Arsenal legend…but it really also summed up a period of time in Britain…it was a time that felt ever so slightly out of control..and lots of fun…

I saw this post below which made me laugh…


It’s so abrupt…

“we don’t even get a summer anymore”

and is a proper example of when people say ‘it wasn’t like that in the old days’. trust me..anyone who says that was busy moaning then as well!

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