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Edinburgh Rugby Weekend

This weekend saw me take in the sights of Edinburgh…
A lot of the sights involved me looking through the bottom of a glass but it was certainly lots and lots of fun. I was up there working on The Black Grouse (a new product from the makers of The Famous Grouse Whisky) and leveraging their ongoing association with the Scottish Rugby team. One of the very few good things about a global recession is that agencies have to be more creative and operate within lower budgets to deliver solutions that get people talking about brands. There wasn’t a huge amount of budget to play with for the Scotland vs Italy game – but hopefully, what we manged to do rasied awareness of the new product ‘The Black Grouse’, (which tastes bloody good…especially mixed with Coke and a slice of orange)
We created the first ever mobile bar in Scotland which had the Scottish flairing champion on it, did a series of projections around Edinburgh and then did more traditional sampling activity around the entrances with staff and jetpacks ensuring everyone got in the swing of things pre match…
Here’s the projection…
A Guerilla Grouse

A Guerilla Grouse

And here is our mobile bar!
If ever in Edinburgh, I would really recommend this place – Tiger Lillies – It’s based on George Street and does amazing cocktails. They were absolutely rammed and the food wasn’t as good as it was last time but is still very nice. We’re all booked in for the next trip up on the 14th! As well as Tiger Lillies, we checked out Opal Lounge which was lots of fun but a complete sweat box and full of the Italian Rugby Team.
The downside of being in Scotland was missing the Arsenal game on saturday. Thank god for this Stoke goal – we just about still have a chance to grab a CL spot – but our young players need to pull their fingers out their arses. They’ve got the trust of a manager who has been a legend but is now being made to look like a fool by a group of payers who have shown themsleves to lack the mental fortitude to compete at the top level….
Finally, a TED video that I mentioned drunkenly on saturday night – I think this is inspirational stuff and well worth revisiting…
And courtesy of Tass, a video extolling the virtues of ‘Donk’. Tass says that the characters are real. I don’t believe him but I hope they are because this is really incredibly funny!
Right – Onwards and upwards – work is aplenty
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