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London Cycling – Brooklyn Bike

I’m a cycling convert. The idea of getting the tube into London now fills me with dread. This morning I had to take it as I am heading off on holiday and it reminded me just how much I hate it. No lifts working at Holloway Road. 3 trains then passed before I could get on with giant suitcase. Finally squeezed on amidst passengers hissing at me for having such a large bag… It wasn’t my fault I am heading off on holiday and was on the only tube line that takes me to a London airport…

 Anyway, that is besides the point. Back to cycling. I have a  Charge plug racer. It’s quite a mean fixed wheel bike. Having one gear means it is much harder work to get around town but much more fun and far better for you… It’s basically a courier bike…or the sort of bike lots of people in London agencies cycle around on! What my bike doesn’t allow me to do is sit up, leisurely potter around town with my head up taking in what is around me. Sometimes, I think about buying a traditional Dutch bike that allows me to potter around. Hopefully, the new cycle hire system that I came across earlier in the week in west Kensington will let me do more of the pottering and less of the racing around…

Hire a bike in West London

Hire a bike in West London

 I came across this bike this morning. I think it may be the most beautiful bike that I have ever seen… it’s called ‘The Dutch Master’ and is made by Core 77. It is basically a modern take on a traditional model. It truly is a thing of beauty…




I want one…

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