Sicilian Adventures: Day 3

Today has seen about 300k covered in the trusty Fiat 500. The route saw us head along the northern coast to Erice via Trapani…then along the southern tip to Selinunte before a final stretch to Agrigento.

Erice is a medieval town where Daedelus (minus Icarus) apparently landed. It is very quaint and there is an amazing view as it is so high. That’s about it though and after some stuffed ravioli and a quick mooch around-it was back on the road to Selinunte.

Selinunte is a pretty special place with amazing Greek ruins. It is pretty amazing to see how they could create such huge monument smore than 2000 years ago. It was definitely a long day in the car though. Selinunte was a good couple of hours from Erice…and then the trip to Agirigento took another couple of hours.

Agrigento looked a pretty grim place as we drove in and I feared the worst when we were stuck in traffic jams past McDonalds and other low grade establishments about what our hotel might be like. Hotel in the end was not really the right word as the place called ‘Fattoria Mose’ was a stunning bed and breakfast tucked into the hills. Check it out here:


All the guests eat together at night and are served tradition Sicilian fare. We enjoyed meat and potatoes, aubergine, fresh ricotta, pecorino with chilli and pepper and an amazing pear tart  covered in chocolate sauce alongside ice cream with grated pistachio.

Throughout and after supper we tucked into some fantastic red eand discussed a diverse range of topics with our hosts from how they make olive oil and cheese, to the effectiveness of the European Union – through to alternative energy supplies and the Mafia. This was getting to grips with the real Italy and a welcome twist to our adventures.

Tomorrow, we check out the temples in Agrigento and then head along to Syracusa… More to come

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One thought on “Sicilian Adventures: Day 3

  1. My family and me have been at the fattoria, for years every summer. We spent wonderful holidays with our little daughter, who every year again enjoyed our time: under the olive trees, on the terracce, in the house – the large rooms a pleasure für little children to play hide and seek, at the beach “le Dune”, where it is easy to go into the water. We passed so wunderful weeks / months here and it is one of the most lovely places in the world for us.

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