Sicilian Adventures – Day 4

Day 4 saw us head from Agrigento to Syracuse. The drive is about 250km and takes in the stunning coastline along the south of the island. Along the way, we stopped at a pizzeria which must have been a front for money laundering…a lot of dodgy looking mafioso, about 40 tables…and only us eating there…

As one of my friens pointed out, where Coppolla was so successful in his Godfather trilogy was the way he captured the stillness of Siciliy. Not a lot happens here. It is incredibly calm and quiet around a lot of the island…and very hot. It regularly tops 40 degrees…

We arrived in Syracuse around 7pm and headed out into the square where Archimides is commemorated. It’s a beautiful place that we walked around before settling on a fun bar and then onto a Sicilian party that overlooked a lake. It was truly stunning. We were definitely the only non Sicilians and their reaction to us being at their party was very mixed. Some were pleased and hapy for us whilst others were less keen.

Unfortunately at the end of the night, some of the Sicilians who were at the party followed us on mopeds and tried to rob us. Fortunately, only one of my friends was hit and we managed to get away without losing anything… A lucky escape…

Taormina beckons next and the experience is likely to be quite different. Taormina is the richest part of the island and will offer a much more relaxed section of the holiday…

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